Get ready for an action-packed mission into enemy space, to get your general's lunch.

Upgrade your ship and negotiate with hotdog vendors!


  • A mix of bullet hell and puzzle gameplay
  • Your maximum ammo is linked to your health
  • A bunch of levels
  • Upgrades that change up the way you play
  • 6 music tracks for retro vibes
  • A 1-life Roguelike mode: see how far you can get! 
  • Friendly hotdog vendors
  • ...and more!

This game was a submission for LOWREZJAM 2020. 

I put alot of love into it. I hope you like it!


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I'm hoping to add a bunch of new and unique upgrades and enemies. Don't miss out!


Move - Left and Right

Shoot - Space / Z

Skip -  X

Pause - Esc / P


Thanks SpaceCastleMusic for making the sound effects!

IG: @spacecastlemusic,  Itch: SpaceCastleMusic

Game, graphics, and music by me, Hamezii:

Twitter  |  My other games on


Download 29 MB