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Found two bugs here, first off the level selection is for some reason very messed up, though I see screenshots of others posting a normal looking level select but I just see this:

Secondly, idk if this is intentional or not but you can make it up to this ledge, it's not easy though:

Neat game nonetheless!


If anyone sees this come to and look this game up. We would love to have more runners!!


i almost have it!



With some beautiful bugs, these times are possible and not even the fastest.

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I finally got it!


just beat it here, cmg version is completley broken for me


Fun to play, great job !!


I just beat all with silver cup on Coolmathgames. this is great!

Thanks! and nice job ;)

thanks! What are your best times on all the levels?

Here are my highscores, I know all the shortcuts though ;)

I beat your times in a few levels, and im gonna try for the rest

Nice! Good luck


So close ^^;

Wow well played! Those are definitely the two hardest I'd say, 14 is unfair ;)


Interesting concept and game. Controls are good too!


Lovely game, very fun to play


This is amazing <3

To all,

The web version is now working properly! However, there is still a Windows download available for a smoother experience.

Thanks for you patience :)


Whenever I try to move left or right while on the ground the game freezes until I release the button, then teleports me to where I would be if I moved normally. It's unplayable that way. This bug report is for the web version. Other people seem to not have the problem, so that's just a heads up, will not vote negatively :)

Thanks for that, I think it has to do with the rendering engine I used when exporting. It's a shame, but since the jam is still going I can't change it. Feel free to use the Windows download.


I love the movement animations.Great music and sfx as well.Good job

Thank you, I appreciate it!


This is pretty amazing, good work on the movement also

I tried my best ;) thanks