"When I'm with you, my heart is alight,
It burns like the fire made when we fight,
So onto my hardened shoulder you mount,
Only one round in you, let's make it count."

Use the momentum from your missile launcher to get around!

What rank will you get?


Move - WASD - Hold W to jump higher

Shoot missile - Arrow keys

R to restart


This game was a solo project, developed by me, Hamezii! It was made in 48 hours and was my first ever submission to a game jam. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!


M to toggle music

N to toggle audio

Note: If the game is a bit slow in your browser, try the Windows download!


MyMissile-win.zip 16 MB

Development log


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To all,

The web version is now working properly! However, there is still a Windows download available for a smoother experience.

Thanks for you patience :)


Whenever I try to move left or right while on the ground the game freezes until I release the button, then teleports me to where I would be if I moved normally. It's unplayable that way. This bug report is for the web version. Other people seem to not have the problem, so that's just a heads up, will not vote negatively :)

Thanks for that, I think it has to do with the rendering engine I used when exporting. It's a shame, but since the jam is still going I can't change it. Feel free to use the Windows download.


I love the movement animations.Great music and sfx as well.Good job

Thank you, I appreciate it!


This is pretty amazing, good work on the movement also

I tried my best ;) thanks