stratform is a turn-based puzzle platformer

with two-button controls

you can only [STEP] and [JUMP]


  • A unique two-button control scheme and game mechanics
  • Currently around 30 levels
  • Different types of objects and obstacles to interact with
  • Keyboard, mouse and controller support
  • Auto-saves your progress
  • An upbeat retro soundtrack
  • One 8-bit buddy :)

follow me here on or on twitter to see progress on stratform!

This game is currently a work in progress, and I'm hoping to add a bunch of cool stuff:

  • Coins you can collect in levels
  • Special, harder to collect items you can find throughout the game
  • A bunch of new levels and mechanics!
  • I'm probably going to remove the "Zone Select" screen and overhaul the flow of the game
  • An actual story narrative!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the game.

I find any kind of feedback helpful! Please leave a comment or hit me up on twitter if you want to leave any feedback or impressions, or if you just want to talk.


StepJumpRestart levelReturn/Options
MouseLeft clickRight click
KeyboardZXRQ or Esc
PS4 ControllerCross/L1/L2Square/R1/R2TriangleOptions
XBox ControllerA/LB/LTX/RB/RTYStart/Menu


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I'm so impressed by your game! It's an excellent example of focused game design. Game mechanics are tight and simple but they have so many possibilities. Congrats


Thank you, I really appreciate it! Comments like yours save me from burnout


so amazing!! never seen anything like it. you'll be famous one day, i know it uwu

(1 edit) (+1)

aw thanks hehe


Very nice! I appreciate the polish, even though it's not complete.

I like how the jump changes based on where you use it; it adds some depth to the simple controls.

Thanks for the feedbck!


this is really sick! keep it up :D