stratform is a turn-based puzzle platformer

with two-button controls

you can only [STEP] and [JUMP]


  • A unique two-button control scheme and game mechanics
  • Currently around 30 levels
  • Different types of objects and obstacles to interact with
  • Keyboard, mouse and controller support
  • Auto-saves your progress
  • An upbeat retro soundtrack
  • One 8-bit buddy :)

follow me here on or on twitter to see progress on stratform!

This game is currently a work in progress, and I'm hoping to add a bunch of cool stuff:

  • Coins you can collect in levels
  • Special, harder to collect items you can find throughout the game
  • A bunch of new levels and mechanics!
  • I'm probably going to remove the "Zone Select" screen and overhaul the flow of the game
  • An actual story narrative!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the game.

I find any kind of feedback helpful! Please leave a comment or hit me up on twitter if you want to leave any feedback or impressions, or if you just want to talk.


StepJumpRestart levelReturn/Options
MouseLeft clickRight click
KeyboardZXRQ or Esc
PS4 ControllerCross/L1/L2Square/R1/R2TriangleOptions
XBox ControllerA/LB/LTX/RB/RTYStart/Menu



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so can i ask about the secret ending . is that all? or is it becuase you havnt finished it yet. good game very fun but could use a optional jump up or move down button when pressing X button


I found this game through Coolmath. When I first started the game, I thought "This movement mechanic seems pretty stiff and like it'll get old really quick", but with the way you introduced new elements and puzzles that thought turned into "Wow, I'm really amazed at all the potential this movement system has!" And I loved every bit of it after the first chapter! I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to seek out your page here and tell you what a good job you did! 

Also I am super hyped for the full release with the narrative you teased at in the description on this page here! Because I found the secret in the credits level and now I'm hooked

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you liked it :)


This was a very fun game, I can't wait for updates. (Also I found the secret level in "The End")

it is possible to visit the void in 3-2
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Adding to this; It's also possible to visit the void in "Whiteboard" 8-2 and 8-3.
UPDATE: After testing Whiteboard 8-2 and 8-3, I can safely confirm indeed you can go into the void both here and in cool math games. Here's a screenshot of me about to go into the void in 8-3!


Stratform Walkthrought


Thank you very epic


I'm so impressed by your game! It's an excellent example of focused game design. Game mechanics are tight and simple but they have so many possibilities. Congrats


Thank you, I really appreciate it! Comments like yours save me from burnout


so amazing!! never seen anything like it. you'll be famous one day, i know it uwu

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aw thanks hehe


Very nice! I appreciate the polish, even though it's not complete.

I like how the jump changes based on where you use it; it adds some depth to the simple controls.

Thanks for the feedbck!


this is really sick! keep it up :D